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Room 01 – 04

Pn. Intan Hazlina's eCLASS
Pn. Nor Rizan's eCLASS
Pn. Zuraini's eCLASS
Pn. Mazura's eCLASS

Room 05 – 08

Pn. Akmalruljehan's eCLASS
Pn. Raja Mahani's eCLASS
Pn. Norhalida's eCLASS
Pn. Admawati's eCLASS

Room 09 – 12

Pn. Rosmawati's eCLASS
Pn. Siti Mazira's eCLASS
Pn. Juliati's eCLASS
Pn. Izwana's eCLASS

Room 13 – 16

En. Hafidz's eCLASS
Hj. Zulkifli's eCLASS
En. Matzlan's eCLASS
Pn. Suraya's eCLASS

Room 17 – 20

Pn. Asmawati's eCLASS
En. Akmal 's eCLASS
Pn. Norazila's eCLASS
En. Zamzuri's eCLASS
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